Colour - Color
is a problem, again.
This new frontier finally has a limit with which to work,
216 colours.
Realisation is slow,
but grounding.
Help is at hand for technical difficulty.
What else ?

TheCooker graphical history.

As an artist and designer the internet has ensnared me to produce work for a shifting colour-space.

Other artworks are subject to viewing variations of light, context and time but none at the actual point of delivery to viewers.*

The internet is a network of diverse, archaic, old, new, small, large monitors and computers. All have different states of decay and performance. The software running them is equally varied as are the browers we look at the world wide web with.

To some people this unseen degree of variance in a method of mass communication may seem absurd. I think it part of its peculiar charm. The technicians are trying to get around these problems as are web designers. Standardization will be global, and probably in the hands of Microsoft.

The linguistic and spiritual assumptions behind colour terminology are equally insidious as standardization becomes another form of cultural invasion.

COLOUR-COLOR looks at the technical implications of a developing form of communication and at other issues relating to the nature of colour in a broader sense.

I studied as a painter but also use commercial offset litho printing and computers to create art so the nature of colour is of particular interest to me. The many types of media I use bring me into contact with multiple "colour spaces".

Colour in the digital age has added many more.

* Presentation of video, audio and television artworks vary little in comparsion to web sites.

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