Should we seek a perceptual constancy for colour ?

In Iranian Sufism when certain colours come to you in meditation they indicate which imaginal world you are in.

In China, yellow, the most luminous colour, was reserved to the emperor, the Son of Heaven.

Cardinal crimson, Papal white

In 1679, Sir Issac Newton, using a triangular prism, analyzed white sunlight into a spectrum of colours. Such a spectrum contains all hues except purple.

Should the charachteristics of colour include facture.

As web sites will be seen by most countries in the world should a designer consider the relationships between colour and symbolism ?

Are the 216 "internet-safe" colours symbolically safe and spiritually neutral?
Should a designer take out insurance against ill-will caused by using Pantone N30-02 ?
Should Photoshop and QuarkXpress have a "out-of-gamut-spirtual" warning with a "belief" drop down menu ?

Should user-preferences for our monitors and computers consider not only where we are when using them but also who we are ?
Cultures perceive and describe colour differently. As an individual this variation is further compounded by subtle physiological and spiritual differences. Should we feed in details on our culture and individual physiology and psychology?

Tangental "search" engines produce some interesting "colour" results ...
genetic .
What Color is Your Persona?
Some basic color theory.