Sablon market
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Annex Antiques Fair & Flea Market

25th St & 6th Avenue, New York City
open Sat-Sun 9am - 5pm

Marche aux Puces de Montreuil

open 5am - 7pm Sat-Sun-Mon.
Threatened with closure

Invisible Exports uses photographs taken by Jake Tilson in three flea markets. Each image shows the pavement on which goods are laid out emphasing the public nature of the activity and allowing the objects some space to be seen. The photographic procedure of framing the image was repeated in each location.

In one sense Invisible Exports is another method of producing a collage - using the juxtaposition of photographic images rather than buying the objects and creating three-dimensional works from them - which Tilson spent fifteen years doing. He now comes away from a flea market with used rolls of films rather than a bag of objects.

The title of the work comes from a sub title of another work called Stock Exchange (Invisible Exports) which consisted of 200 plastic, shoping carrier bags mounted on a wall - collected from 50 cities. Stock Exchange also dealt with another marginal aspect of the retail world.