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issue 1 - 1985
issue 2 - 1986
issue 3 - 1988
issue 4 - 1993
32 pp, 111/4" x 81/4". 28.5 x 21 cms, wire stitched, edition of 2500
plus 16 page book insert Spy World Issue
Montage Made Easy in a plastic page. D.I.Y. Sculpture Kit Neil Jefferies
Tri-lingual English, French German
Offset litho 1, 2 & 3 colour. Xerox
Neil Jefferies
Tim Lewis
Therese Oulton
Dillwyn Smith
Jake Tilson
John Watson
Helen Wilde

22 Globes by:
Emily Andersen, Steven Appleby, David Austen, Peter Blake, David Blamey, Judy McCaig, Edward Durdey, Aldous Eveleigh, Stephen Farthing, Nicola Hicks, Bruce Johnson, Yumi Katayama, Judith King, Adam Levy, Simon Lewty, David Phillips, David Plante, Stuart Rosamond, Alastair Thain, Karl Wallinger, John Watson, Helen Wilde

issue no.1

issue no.2

issue no.4


Editor: Jake Tilson
published by The Woolley Dale Press
ISSN 0267-484X
16 Talfourd Road, London SE15 5NY
T (44) 020 7701 7245